Author and editor Lorri Neilsen Glenn will be travelling to Flin Flon on May 26 to offer this free workshop for local writers. Glenn is serving as writer in residence in The Pas this spring.

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Workshops in The Pas this spring


Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Award-winning essayist and poet Lorri Neilsen Glenn will be in The Pas in May and June as writer in residence for The Pas Regional Library.

During her time there, she will be leading a number of workshops and programs for writers that may be of interest to Flin Flon and area writers (and will likely be worth the drive). Check out the PDF brochure below for details and sign-up information.

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Celebrate National Poetry Month in Flin Flon!


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April is National Poetry Month in Canada, and there is plenty happening right here in Flin Flon, starting with our annual Poetry Reading this Friday, April 8 at 7pm the Flin Flon Public Library. We hope to see you there!

Brenda Schmidt is also launching the Ore Samples reader series this month, with the inaugural event on Thursday, April 28. On the Ore Samples blog, Brenda shares an interview with Garry Morse, the featured visiting writer for the April 28 event.

Read the interview, or learn more at the Ore Samples blog here.

Local municipal councils are also responding to the Mayor’s City Challenge, led this year by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Municipalities are encouraged to invite local poets to share their work at council meetings during the month of April.

What is National Poetry Month all about? Learn more at The League of Canadian Poets website. This year’s theme is “The Road.”

Header art and art below is created by The League of Canadian Poets and provided to organizations promoting National Poetry Month.

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New book published!



words on the rocks

Words on the Rocks showcases the variety of talented writers in the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach. With support from the Flin Flon Writers Guild, and under the leadership of guild member Alex McGilvery, this anthology has been published and is now available for purchase from the guild, and these locations:

Flin Flon Airport gift shop
Flin Flon Public Library (Main St, Flin Flon)
Northern Rainbow’s End (Main St, Flin Flon)
The NorVA Centre (Green St, Flin Flon)

For more information, or to purchase a copy of Words on the Rocks, please contact us.

Words & prompts for May

As usual, feel free to bring any writing to the June meeting, including any pieces you have created in response to these prompts

Write about the weather, but don’t use any weather words such as rain, sun, wind, etc. Don’t just hit the thesaurus to find alternatives. Make the reader feel the weather you are describing.

Introduce a character. Create the feel of the person without mentioning height, eye or hair colour or clothes.

Pick an emotion and show the emotion without using any emotion words, like anger, fear or sadness.

Words are teapot, herring and cumulus

This month’s words & prompts were submitted by Alex McGilvery

Poetry Reading recap


A successful poetry reading was held at the Flin Flon Public Library with 55 people in attendance and readers ranging in age from 6-75. A cheque for $50 was presented to Library Administrator, Cindy McLean, for buying poetry books. Recommendations were suggested that readings be limited to three minutes and that introductions be kept shorter. If people want to read a longer work, it is recommended that they check with the Guild

The 2016 poetry reading may be held on April 8, 2016. Kathy McCormick has offered to co-ordinate her Habitat for Humanity event on the same date.

April Grammarian words & prompts

Please feel welcome to write to these words and prompt and share your results at the May 9, 2015 meeting.

Doreen Beardy was the grammarian for the April meeting. The words and prompt are:

ETIQUETTE: observance of formal requirements regarding behaviour in polite society

ZOOLOGICAL: 1. relating to or occupied with zoology 2. of or relating to or affecting lower class animals often as distinguished from man

FOOLERY; 1. foolish behaviour 2. a foolish act, utterance or belief

PROMPT: What are you going to do for the summer?